Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vote for our SXSW Panel: Big Data breaks down Doctor monopoly over sickcare

Patient care is provided by the entire care team. And that team includes first and foremost the patient and their family, followed by all of the providers and supports around them. Among those providers are physicians. And to date physicians have been driving the boat because they had access to data and were the only ones that could interpret it (lab values, imaging, research studies, etc). Now we live in a world where everyone is consuming, interpreting and acting on data: patients have wearables, nurses have care coordination apps, physical therapists have movement software, payers have population health management platforms. Despite all the buzz about patient-centered medical homes, patients need much more than that; they need a patient-centered wellness community. And everyone in that community has an app to track data.


Laura Wood Boston Children's Hospital
Walter Rosenberg Rush University Medical Center
Rachel Davis Center for Health Care Strategies
Andrey Ostrovsky Care at Hand

Please vote for our panel here so we can move this dialogue into the public sphere!

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